I Miss ‘Game of Thrones’

I miss Game of Thrones.

I realized this last night, before bed. It had nothing to do with what I was reading or thinking about; it just dawned on me. I miss Game of Thrones. It really is a travesty that it’s not coming back for another year. And then when it does come back, the season is but a handful of episodes. It’s not fair. Obviously there are other things in life that are way more unfair and things that are a far bigger travesty, but everything is relative and not for nothing, I miss Game of Thrones.

I miss Khalessi, our girl Daenerys. I miss her going HAM on dudes with her dragon and making decisions that might not be the best in the long term, but are super dope in the short term. I miss her putting dudes in their places.

I miss her doing this…

Image result for khaleesi gifs

And then dudes running scared because a gal riding a dragon is shooting super hot fire on them and looking fierce while doing so.

I miss her mic drop moments, of which she has had many. I miss her new courtship with Jon Snow, even though it’s, it’s kind of gross because you know, they’re related.

And speaking of the former Lord Commander, I miss Jon Snow. I don’t really miss the old Jon Snow, the one who was emo and sulky and kind of a buzzkill. But I definitely miss the new Jon Snow, the one who ditched the Night’s Watch because those knob jobs sucked and killed him and has assumed the role of King of the North. I miss the Jon Snow who does incredibly stupid things that you know he shouldn’t do, but you know he will do because he’s Jon Snow and doing stupid things is kind of his thing.

I miss the Jon Snow who thinks it’s a good idea to ride north beyond the Wall to capture a White Walker, bring that White Walker south down to King’s Landing, in order to convince the queen, who effin’ hates him, that he is not the enemy, the White Walkers are the enemy and everyone should just chill out for a second and put the beefs on hold because everyone needs to band together and fight these frosty sons of bitches, not each other. Ha, that really was a dumb plan. What’s great about Jon Snow though is I’m not sure it’s even his dumbest plan.

It’s up there, but it’s a tough title to claim.

I miss Tyrion, even though we might be looking at a heel turn from him when the show returns. Even if that happens and he does turn on Daenerys, I miss him.

I miss Arya, who went and totally redeemed herself in the season seven finale when she killed Littlefinger, making up for a hard to stomach run leading up to that point that included her questioning Sansa’s motives and us questioning her study habits at spy school, because she was surprisingly not that great at it. We all see you behind that corner, Arya. We’re not even trying that hard. Did you learn nothing at spy school?

Whatever, I miss Arya. Arya is the best.

I miss Sansa. I miss Brienne. I miss Podrick. I miss couple of the year, Sam and Gilly. I really miss Sam because he sometimes makes so much stinkin’ sense.

No one knows what that means Sam. It’s okay.

And yeah, I even miss Bran. That dude is super helpful when he wants to be.

I miss Cersei. I miss Jaime. I really miss Bronn. I miss Jaime hanging out with Bronn and going on adventures together, having dude time and Bronn making fun of Jaime.

I don’t miss any of the Greyjoys. Definitely not this effin’ guy.

Image result for euron gifs

This is Game of Thrones Euron. You need to earn your super villain status. You can’t just show up one night, throw your bro off a rope bridge, take the top job away from his kids, kill a couple ninja ladies on the high seas and roll into town like a conquering hero and expect to be on the same level as Cersei. That’s not how it works homeboy. Do your homework next time.


Please let Tormund be alive, Game of Thrones. I don’t ask a lot of you. Do me this one favor. K, thx bye.

Image result for tormund gifs

I even miss that dude in the middle there and I don’t even know who he is.

I miss Varys and Jon’s wolf Ghost, who I think we can all agree deserves more screen time. I miss the walk and talks through dark castle hallways and the hashing out of grievances on sunny vistas. I miss the phrase “winter is coming” and even “what’s dead may never die,” also known as the only cool thing related to the Greyjoys. I miss the way the wind changes and the sky darkens when the White Walkers approach and I miss the sight of one of the dragons flying over the horizon.

I miss the opening credits, how they are both exciting and informative. I miss talking about Game of Thrones with my wife and co-workers and listening to podcasts about the show. I miss the bubbling feeling of anticipation that runs through me on Sundays, knowing that an episode is on later that day. I miss what it feels like when you sit down on the couch with only a few minutes to spare, as the clock reads 8:58 and you have just enough time to get comfortable and get ready because it’s Thrones time mother effers.

Westworld is cool. Whatever replaces Westworld in the 9pm Sunday night slot on HBO will probably be cool too. Same goes for whatever replaces that. I’m sure it’ll all be wonderful.

But none of it will be Game of Thrones.

Have I mentioned that I miss Game of Thrones? Because I do.






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