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Analysis Mode: The ‘Westworld’ Season Two Finale

The season two finale of 'Westworld' left behind a pile of dead hosts, as well as a slew of questions

My One Issue With ‘Westworld’ Right Now

Where in the world(s) is Maeve's daughter?

The ‘Westworld’ Q&A: “Virtu e Fortuna”

Tiger origin stories, samurais, and a mysterious new character highlight some of the things we are asking ourselves after the third episode of 'Westworld's' second season

The ‘Westworld’ Q&A: ‘Journey Into Night’

Who is the hero on 'Westworld,' didn't Thor's baby bro die, how many timelines are we looking at here and more questions from the 'Westworld' season two premiere.

The Seventh ‘Westworld’ Q&A

A penultimate episode deserves a penultimate round of Q&A

The Sixth ‘Westworld’ Q&A

'Westworld' is in the home stretch, but questions remain

The Fifth ‘Westworld’ Q &A

Another episode, another round of 'Westworld' Q & A

The Fourth ‘Westworld’ Q & A

Once again, trying to make sense of 'Westworld'

The Third ‘Westworld’ Q&A

Asking and hopefully answering some more questions about 'Westworld'