Two Playlists of Maine Music

Usually on a Monday I pimp out a Monday Jams playlist, full of at least twenty songs picked especially for the doldrums and pitfalls associated with a Monday, of which there are many. However, on this particular Monday, I’m pushing out two playlists of music from artist who hail from the great state of Maine, arguably the greatest state in the entire country. Of course this is only an “arguable” statement if you’re not from Maine or have never visited Maine. If you either of those apply to you, you understand this claim and you endorse this claim of greatness. If not, then that’s your own damn fault.

Our first playlist is 20 tracks from The Ghost Paul Revere, a “holler-folk” band from a few miles west of sunny Portland, Maine. Their most recent album Monarch is beautiful and the Ghost have found a way to write charming and atmospheric tunes that are both blissfully melancholy and equipped with a wallop of a thump. It makes for good driving music, especially if you’re in the sweet spot of a zone where you’re foot is set on 70 miles per hour, the skies are clear and your mind is prone to wander.


Next up we have twenty tunes from Portland’s pop music stalwart and joyful & sarcastic ambassador Spencer Albee. Albee has spent over twenty years producing top shelf music, whether it’s as a member of Rustic Overtones or fronting his own outfits. A loyal disciple of The Beatles, Albee’s music is full of lush harmonies, undeniable melodies and a catchiness that has the songs stuck in your head long after you’ve listened to them.


To learn more about The Ghost of Paul Revere…here you go.

To learn more about Mr. Spencer Albee…here you go.

To learn about a lamp you can poop into…here you go.


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