Dude, I Think There’s a Rat in Danys’ Crew

This has been nagging at me all day.

It’s serious.

It might be really serious.

Dude, I think there might be a rat in Daenerys’ crew.

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Here me out.

On last night’s episode, Euron and his super intimidating fleet of ships straight up hammered Yara’s fleet, ambushing them and leaving that part of Daenerys’ navy in ruins. It was an intense ten minutes or so and was a devastating blow to Daenerys’ plan to take the Iron Throne. Yes, she still has ships, so it wasn’t a total loss. But a loss is a loss and if we’re keeping score, notch one for Cersei.

Here’s what has stuck with me though – Euron’s crew came out of nowhere, but they came out of nowhere with a purpose. That shit looked planned. That wasn’t just some random attack where Euron simply stumbled upon the exact crew of people he was looking for. Sure, you can look at the map and make the case for him being at the right time, but I’m not buying it.

Of course it’s possible that having just left King’s Landing, Euron sailed right into Yara’s path to Dorne. That’s fine. But that doesn’t account for Euron’s sense of purpose and the fact that he seemed to know Ellaria was there – someone who would fit the description of the “priceless gift” he promised Cersei.

Dumb luck is one thing. So is being in the right place at the right time. But this felt like something else. This felt planned, thought out and most importantly, it felt like Euron had been tipped off so he knew where the ships would be, who would be on which one and the best way to strike. And this leads me to believe that he was given the heads up by someone in Daenerys’ inner circle.

How else would he know? I know we don’t really know how much time had passed in between the decision being made in Dragonstone for the Greyjoys to set sail for Dorne with Ellaria and the Sand Snakes and them getting underway, but that decision was made on Dragonstone, an island occupied only by Daenerys’ crew, Dothraki and the Unsullied. There’s not random dudes just walking around, catching glimpses of Ellaria boarding Yara’s ship and overhearing someone say, man, I can’t wait to get to Dorne and then that dude thinking they could make a buck or two, letting Cersei know what was up.

No way dude. There’s a rat in Dragonstone.

So who is it? That’s the question now. Who would gain the most from Daenerys losing? Who among her assembled brain trust is secretly backing Cersei?

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Let’s see.


He is a Lannister. Of course he hates the Lannisters almost as much as anyone, specifically his sister. Why would he do anything to help her? That’d be some real deep cover type betrayal on his part. I’m not buying that one. Tyrion was loyal to his family once, but not anymore.


Well sir, that would take balls I don’t think he literally has to pledge loyalty to Danys at the same time he’s leaking info to Cersei. But it is kind of the thing he’d do, isn’t it? Yes, it is. But I can’t see Varys going all this way with Danys, only to turn on her. Plus, Cersei wants him dead for helping Tyrion escape.

Lady Olenna

Come on man, why the hell would she even think about helping Cersei? She’s only hitched her wagon to Dany to get revenge for Cersei killing her family. Of anyone taking part in that strategy sesh on Dragonstone, I’d say Lady Olenna is the absolute least likely one to be considered a rat.


Oh, you mean Ellaria, the one who wants Cersei dead for having Oberyn killed? That Ellaria? Yeah, we can cross her off the list too.

One of the Sand Snakes

Oh, you mean the Sand Snakes, the ones who want Cersei dead for having Oberyn killed? Those Sand Snakes? Yeah, we can cross them off the list too.

Grey Worm

Let’s be honest, I don’t even think Grey Worm knows who Cersei is. He knows who Missandei is though.


Who has been more loyal to Danys than Missandei? I’ll tell you…no one! Maybe Jorah, maybe Grey Worm. Other than that? No one.


Man, talk about a rope-a-dope. I don’t see it, though. I also think Yara might be dead, but I could be wrong.


Did Theon jump off the boat because he was suffering from PTSD and couldn’t stomach the savagery he saw in front of him or did he jump off the boat to make it seem like he was suffering from PTSD and couldn’t stomach the savagery he saw in front of him? Now I think it was the former. I think Theon was legitimately spooked by Euron’s attack, specifically the immediate aftermath when Euron’s crew started pillaging the dead. I think it was too much for Theon, who, and let’s be fair, has been through some shit.

However, what if was all just an act? What if Theon was with Euron the whole time and while he knew he wasn’t suited to rule the Iron Islands, he also knew that neither was Yara. His loyalty to his people, the Iron Born, was so strong that he elected to side with his crazy ass uncle, pretend to support his sister’s claim to the Salt Throne, know that the Iron Born were rock-headed assholes who would never elect a woman to lead them and would instead support his psycho uncle, help his sister then escape, do some fun traveling, get some sun and then when the moment was right, turn on her by telling Euron when she would be ripe for the picking.

Sure, it’s crazy.

But is that crazy?

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But until we see where Theon ends up as he swims in the direction of Euron’s ship, we’ll never know. Either way, watch your back, Dany.




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