These Are Good Thoughts

Here in case you need them at any point to get through the Inauguration

flip flops
Christmas morning
Hot Chocolate
The Office
green grass
NCAA March Madness
Tina Fey
pictures of puppies
pictures of kittens
crossword puzzles
Ferris Wheels
ice cream
vacation days
sick days when you’re not sick, you just need a chill day
sleeping in
The Bachelor and/or The Bachelorette
sweat pants
babies in Halloween costumes
going to a baseball game
not having to charge your cell phone
college memories
Bruce Springsteen songs
cheese burgers
a snow day before you have to go out and shovel
booking a vacation
Larry David as Bernie Sanders
trips to the city
the first warm day of spring
an empty email inbox
taking the dog for a walk
comfortable sneakers
board shorts
a comfortable sweater
nice sheets
light traffic

The Beatles
banana & walnut pancakes
the idea of owning your own island
no one sitting next to you on a plane
tax returns
having a good doctor
seeing Michael Franti & Spearhead live eight years ago
getting wedding drunk
Cadbury Easter Eggs
going to the movies
buying a new couch
Chocolate Milk
doing a Boston accent
crossing things off a to-do list
sitting on a deck
high fives



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