The Night is Dark & Full of Questions

Presentation1Say what you will about Game of Thrones, but they know how to end a season. They kill the penultimate episodes and then close things out perfectly. It’s hard to do, but they’ve done it so far every season. Last season it was the one-two punch of the massacre at Hardhomme and the prison shanking of Jon Snow. So far this season we have the amazingly epic Battle of Winterfell, which despite being a killer episode, really only covered two of the almost ten story lines the show has going. That means the finale, “The Winds of Winter” promises to cover more ground than a runaway Iron Islands’ fleet busting ass for Essos.

So it’s time for some questions about the finale. Let’s do this.


Will Jon Snow die…again?


Are you sure?

It’s Game of Thrones. So, nope. But probably not.

Which characters are the most likely ones to die?

I’ll rank the top five, in order of most likely to die.

  1. Margaery
  2. King Tommen
  3. Loras
  4. Davos
  5. Cersei

I’ve said for a couple weeks now that I felt Margaery was trying to fight in a bout that was above her weight class. She’s out of her league; playing the High Sparrow when he’s definitely playing her. Frankly, he seems a more qualified player of people. And as for Tommen, would you miss him? Really, would you? Loras, do you even remember him? Just in case you don’t, he’s Margaery’s brother and he’s on trial for essentially being gay.

But Davos? No, say it ain’t so.

Please note that I think that either Davos or Cersei dying is incredibly unlikely, but still a possibility. Davos is going to confront Melisandre and if it becomes physical, my money is on the one who dabbles in witchcraft and sorcery. And with Cersei, I just think it might be her time.

Cersei is on trial too. What’s she on trial for again?

Adultery. But wait, not with Jaime. With her little nephew Lancel, who is now an enforcer for the Faith Militant. For funsies, let’s add that Lancel was King Robert’s squire when Robert drank too much and was killed on a hunt. Squires generally keep their bosses’ cups full, so it’s not as if Lancel’s hands are completely clean.

So if Cersei were to die, doesn’t that take away some of the shine from King’s Landing?


Wouldn’t that be a problem?

No. I think the show is going to shift it’s focus north, with Winterfell becoming the new hub of activity. It doesn’t really seem like anyone wants the Iron Throne anyway. Well, except for Daenerys.

Speaking of Danys, doesn’t it kind of seem like she might be a…gasp…a villain?

game-of-thrones-dany-fireYeah, kind of. She is a Targaryen and it’s not as if that was a family known for quality leadership. They were known for being tyrants and conquerors. I’d say that as cool as what Danys has done up until this point, it has been a tad bit tyrannical and a wee bit conqueror-ish. Look at last week. Yes, her riding around on her dragon seemed like a hero move, but she also looked a little, shall we say, villain-ish. I think going forward, what side Danys is on will be a cause of great speculation.

Okay, so back to Winterfell. That’s going to be the show’s main location now?


Because of the White Walkers?


Okay, somewhat related, what is Littlefinger going to want from Sansa in return for helping her with the Battle of Winterfell?


Yeah, Sansa. What will he want from her?





Yeah, girl can’t catch a break.

What, like bring her back to the Vale or something?

Yeah, maybe. Like, I did this for you and now, you’ll be my bride. One for you, one for me.


But here’s the thing, two seasons ago I would have thought this and expected to happen. But this is Sansa 2.0, so I could see her telling him to shove it and go pound sand. Game of Thrones has transitioned into a show about empowered women taking back what’s theirs and I think this includes Sansa. She finally regained control of her body and her future – she’s not going to give that up, especially not to someone like Littlefinger. Not without a fight at least.

Isn’t Sansa still technically on Westeros Most Wanted List for killing Joffrey?


Isn’t that going to be a problem?

It’d be more of a problem if Cersei wasn’t so busy with the dumpster fire she lit in King’s Landing. She’s a little preoccupied now. But I do think that if she survives the finale it’ll be something that becomes an issue next season. Cersei will likely be a little bit peeved that not only is Sansa still alive, but she’s retaken Winterfell.

Will their friction between Sansa 2.0 and Jon?

Why? Because she failed to mention that she had called for backup and if he had waited a bit, his army wouldn’t have been so outnumbered?

Yeah, pretty much.

I think it’ll be something they address at breakfast soon.

Sansa: Can you please pass me a scone?

Jon: Yes. It’s coming right now. See how I did that? Let you know right away that something was coming your way.

And then again at dinner.

Jon: Wait, we have butter?

Sansa: Yeah, sorry. I didn’t tell you?

Jon: No.

Sansa: Oh, sorry about that.

Jon: It’s cool. I’m getting use to you not telling me about things.

giphyIt could be a little frosty for a bit. But they’ll get past it. Eventually. Plus, now that they have Winterfell they have different objectives. Jon is looking north at the White Walkers, while Sansa is most likely looking south, at King’s Landing, and getting revenge on the Lannisters. The real schism will come when they get the calendar out and plan what to do next.

Where is Bran going now that he’s in the wind with Uncle Benjen and Meera?

Beats me. Winterfell maybe.

Will we see Arya in the finale?

If we do, it’ll be similar to the end of season four, when she set sail for Braavos. I don’t think she’d already be back in Westeros, although it’s not as if the passage of time is always that clear on Game of Thrones. My guess is that she’ll be on a boat headed for Westeros.

What about Daenerys? Also on a boat?

That’d be pretty sweet. I bet we get as far as her packing up and getting ready to leave.

Where did Varys go?

He said he was headed west to lay the ground work for Danys arrival. I didn’t doubt that until Mallory Rubin on The Watch podcast threw it out there that it did seem like a weird coincidence that as soon as he leaves, the masters attack. I don’t really know what to think or what to believe. Varys and Littlefingers are really the ultimate wildcards on Game of Thrones; exceptionally good at zigging when it looks like they’ll zag and somehow, always showing up at the right time.

Game of Thrones

The Right Time

Okay, one safe prediction for the finale?

King Tommen dies trying to save Margaery.

And one not-so safe prediction for the finale?

Cersei is killed by the Sand Snakes.






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  1. This was so much fun to read, so enjoy your clever writing

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