Our First Front-Runner for Song of the Summer Has Arrived

rihanna-calvinI have good news and I have not-so good news.

The not-so good news is that it’s definitely not summer yet. Sometimes I wonder if it’s even spring yet. Baseball is really the only indication that the season is truly happening.

But the good news is that we already have a contender for Song of the Summer! Our first contender are a couple old friends: Rihanna and Calvin Harris, who last Friday dropped their first jawn together since “We Found Love.” This new song, “This Is What You Came For” is everything we could ask for in a summer jam. It’s got a bounce to it; you can sing along to it. It’s like they know what they are doing or something.

I realize it’s early and an even better, more suitable possible Song of the Summer could come out next week or next month or even in the middle of the summer, but that’s why this is a rolling admission of sorts. Plus, a good Song of the Summer builds steam and momentum, so a song that comes out around now is actually primed to flat out win this damn thing. I’m not counting out “One Dance” by Drake and you know Diplo is working on something lethal, but as of today, I’m naming “This Is What You Came For” an early favorite.

Now we just need summer to come.

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