Who is in the Conversation for MVP and LVP of Summer ’15?

image-940x528While I’m not sure this is technically true, it feels true- we’ve reached the halfway point of the summer of 2015. Or we are at least close to the halfway point. Whatever, who’s really keeping track of that besides vampires, vampire assholes and despondent losers afraid of sunlight. Summer is great! Viva la summer; let it never end. Okay, these 100 degree temperatures can end. But summer, no way!

Here at Giddy Up America, the first whispers and inklings of chatter are starting to get kicked around about who might be this summer’s MVP and LVP. Now if you are keeping track, last summer’s MVP was Tim Howard and the U.S. Men’s National Team, as their surprising and exciting run in the 2014 World Cup captivated all of us. That was a lot of fun. Admit it, you enjoyed it. And on the flip side…because there’s always a flip side, was That Whole Ray Rice Thing winning the not-so-coveted Least Valuable Player award. Yuck. I don’t even want to think about that right now.

So basically it’s as simple as this, the MVP helped make the summer better and the LVP made the summer worse. Let’s look at some of those people & things currently in the conversation for each award and keep in mind, summer isn’t over yet hot dog. There is still plenty of time for someone to make a name for themselves, whether it’s for better or worse.

Potential Least Valuable Players

Trump, Donald

Ass hat.

The Negative Reaction to the SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling

Close-minded ass hats.


The ass hat’s weapon of choice.

HBO Half Hour Comedies

Veep and Silicon Valley were tough acts to follow, yet even that doesn’t do enough to give the Brink and Ballers a pass.

The Confederate Flag

Still hard to believe taking it down was actually a thing.


Messing around in places they shouldn’t be messing around.

Roger Goodell

Leave Tom Brady alone! He’s an American hero!


You said it, Tom.

Potential Most Valuable Players

Taylor Swift’s Instagram

Giving us all hope that one day, we too can be the leader of a rat pack-like group of super models and pop culture phenoms.

The US Women’s National Team

Also giving us hope. And memories. And crushes we hide from our significant others by claiming it’s strictly patriotism.

Apple Music

Gradually winning me over.

Gay Rights

It’s about effin’time.

7 Days in Hell

Winner: Most Re-Watchable Thing Found on Television This Year


Stephen Colbert’s Gradual Return to Our Lives

Nice to have you back, buddy.

Mr. Robot

The best show on television that no one is talking about because they’re too busy hating on True Detective.

Jurassic World

Just a delight of a film. I really think Hollywood might have something in that Chris Pratt youngster.

Baseball’s Youth Movement

Trying their best to keep that sport relevant.

Music Festivals Streaming Online

It’s like being there…but not and being 100% okay with that.


Let’s see what happens. Look for the 2015 MVP and LVP of the summer to be posted at the beginning of September.





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  1. I’m not so sure about outrage.

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