Mos & Marvin Walk Into a Bar…

The only thing you should be listening to this morning is the latest release from DJ Amerigo Gazaway- a mash up of Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) and Marvin Gaye

Yasiin-Gaye_BandcampYou should only be listening to one thing this morning.

Reports from Ukraine?

No, silly. That’s what the evening news is for.

You should be listening to the new release from Nashville DJ Amerigo Gazaway, Yasiin Gaye: The Departure (Side One.) I can’t promise it’ll make your day better, only confidently assure you that it might.

Gazaway, whose previous concoctions include a mix of De La Soul and Fela Kuti and another of the Pharcyde with Tribe Called Quest, has this time put together the mutual soulfulness of Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) and Marvin Gaye. The result is a collection of feel good, feel smooth, feel lively and feel fresh tracks. Bey handles lead vocals with Gaye coming in for hooks duty. “Ms. Fat Booty” might be my personal favorite- Bey’s tale of hard-living courtship mixed with an upbeat groove that’s caked with Motown goodness.

This release is the first one in Gazaway’s Soul Mates series.

Check out The Departure below and check out other Amerigo Gazaway releases here.

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