Outkast’s Summer Road Trip

DSC_59541For a lot of us, nothing warms the belly and hints at the promise of another summer better than lineup announcements for summer music festivals. Now here we are, not even halfway through January and while we might not know who is going to win the Super Bowl, we do know a few things about some of the bigger music festivals happening this summer.

The main thing we know?

Outkast is back y’all!

Rumors can now busy themselves with things like a Friday Night Lights movie or whatever The Bieber might be up to these days because rumors are done with Outkast. It’s official. Big Boi and Andre 3000 are back in the saddle and reportedly, that saddle is going to be on one busy as all hell horse. Outkast is reportedly appearing at 40 festivals this summer. 40! I didn’t even know there were that many festivals in existence. If the 39th festival is the Yarmouth Clam Festival in Maine I wouldn’t be surprised. Outkast loves them some blueberry pie.

The main lineups announced this week were for Coachella, Hangout, Firefly and Governor’s Ball. All four are headlined by Outkast.

But what else do you need to know?

Coachella (April in Indio, California)

Other notable acts performing besides Outkast: Arcade Fire, Muse, Broken Bells, The Replacements, Alesso

Act With the Best Name Performing: Duck Sauce

Fun Fact: It’s pronounced Co-A-Chella. Mispronounce it and you’ll be painting your own face, buddy.

Hang Out Music Festival (May in Alabama)

Other notable acts performing besides Outkast: Black Keys, Jack Johnson, Queens of the Stone Age, Capital Cities

Act With the Best Name Performing: Moon Taxi

Fun Fact: Not sure what the Hang Out Fest looks like? That’s cool. It looks like this…


In case you were wondering, yes, that is the Gulf of Mexico.

Firefly Music Festival (late June in Delaware)

Other notable acts performing besides Outkast: Foo Fighters, Jack Johnson, Imagine Dragons, Weezer

Act With the Best Name Performing: Local Natives, Phantogram (tie)

Fun Fact: um…Delaware…let’s see…tax free shopping?

Governor’s Ball (early June close to New York City)

Other notable acts performing besides Outkast: Vampire Weekend, Jack White, the Strokes, Phoenix

Act With the Best Name Performing: TV on the Radio

Fun Fact: This is based solely on guessing, but I’m pretty sure it’s the only festival that you can take a ferry too.

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