Kick Out the Jams: The Led Zeppelin Edition

LedZeppelin1973_GruenLast week Led Zeppelin finally joined Spotify. It was good news for us, possibly bad news for Lez Zeppelin. But them’s the breaks.

To honor Zeppelin on Spotify, a playlist was in order.

Giddy Up America’s Official Led Zeppelin Playlist


Rock and Roll
Immigrant Song
Dancing Days
Out on the Tiles
Ramble On
When the Levee Breaks
Whole Lotta Love
Four Sticks
D’yer Mak’er
The Ocean
The Lemon Song
Misty Mountain Hop
Good Times Bad Times
Going to California
Over the Hills and Far Away
Trampled Under Foot
Living Loving Maid
Communication Breakdown
Black Dog
Gallows Pole
That’s the Way
Dazed and Confused


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