Really? Jeff Daniels?

A brief recap of this year’s Emmy Awards

Jeff DanielsSo, the Emmys last night…

Really? Jeff Daniels? Really? I mean, if they were going for a surprise winner, Jon Hamm would have sufficed. But Jeff Daniels? Really?

Either way, I tried to sneak out and watch Boardwalk Empire.

odd man

But I ended up staying.


The show wasn’t all bad. There were some funny parts.

amy and tina

Can’t they just host everything? I mean, it’s not like Tina’s movies have been all that great and what’s Amy going to do once Parks and Recreation is over.

angry spacey

I’m sorry. That was mean.

Where were we?


Oh yeah, funny ladies.

I kind of feel like we should all be watching Veep. Like, all of us. Even those averse to watching television.


Yes, Kevin. They exist. They read books and listen to NPR.

The show continued. Gyp from Boardwalk Empire was a surprise win. I was cool with it.

And speaking of surprises, I kept checking my phone…


…and boo yah, went 3 for 3 in fantasy football yesterday. I felt pretty good about it.

But please…


…hold the applause. It’s a long season.

And speaking of long, by 10pm, I was thinking- will this be over soon?

how soon until this is over


Well, good night.

Congrats to Breaking Bad.

And really? Jeff Daniels?


  1. […] and the final few episodes of Breaking Bad, in which, SPOILER ALERT: he did. Then there were the Emmys, in which the only notable thing that happened was Jeff Daniels winning Best Actor. That’s […]


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