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The One Thing ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Should Have Learned From ‘The Sopranos’

'The Sopranos' had a lot going for it, things 'Boardwalk Empire' could have learned from. Unfortunately one of the most important things 'The Sopranos' had in their favor didn't carry over to 'Boardwalk Empire' and the show suffered as a result

Better Call a Spin-Off

With Better Call Saul working so well, what kind of spin-offs could come from other Pantheon TV shows?

Make Way for the Peaky Blinders

The latest British TV show to hit American shores, Peaky Blinders, is part Boardwalk Empire, part Godfather and part amazing.

Finish ’em Up! Let’s Go!

A final run of questions leading up to the series finale of Boardwalk Empire

The Home Stretch

Running through another Q & A about Boardwalk Empire’s final season and what to expect from the series' final two episodes

The Boardwalk Empire Q & A

Running through a Q & A about Boardwalk Empire's final season so far

The Boardwalk Empire Refresher

A season by season refresher of Boardwalk Empire

The World Cup of Television

Introducing Giddy Up America's World Cup of Television, a tournament to determine who is the best character on TV during this most recent Golden Age of Television

Bringing a Tank to a Gun Fight

The Walking Dead hit the halfway point of season four and did so with gusto