Running, not Walking on Sunshine

tumblr_m8lp6pkwJR1qj36tho1_500Here’s five things I just learned while skimming through Rdio’s New Release section:

1. There’s a band called Benny the Jet Rodriguez, presumably named after the character from The Sandlot. Thankfully not this character, but this one. They have an album out called Home.Run. I have no idea how many albums they might have released or if this is their first. But I do think it’s weird that the album starts with a sample from a League of Their Own. I mean, that’s just confusing.

2. Some dude named Jon Langson is runnin’, not walkin’ on sunshine. His next single is called “Walkin’ Down a Dream.”

3. Rapper Big Pooh is my new favorite rapper name. Hands down. I don’t know who is second and I don’t care.

4. Jason Newstead, formerly on Metallica and currently of a band called Newstead have broken…ney smashed the record for most astonishingly obvious album title with their new album called…wait for it…waaaaaaaaiiittt…Heavy Metal Music. If this becomes a trend than album titles are going to become incredibly confusing.

5. On the cover of the David Bowie album I Dig Everything: The 1966 Pye Singles, Bowie looks like the British version of Brenda Lee.



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