Field Trip: Friday Night at Yankee Stadium

IMG_1120For work reasons, I found myself heading into New York City on a beautiful spring afternoon. The destination was Yankee Stadium for a 7pm game, Yankees versus the Blue Jays.

As a Red Sox fan, it wasn’t ideal. But it was free and required. You make the best of a situation.

So like I said, the weather was beautiful.


Great people watching outside of the Stadium. Diehards, hipsters, scenesters. A little bit of everything.

Even this guy was there.


I appreciate anyone who rocks towels as a form of clothing. Part of me just thinks he was just doing this for attention. But hey, if so, mission accomplished sir.

The game would be mildly interesting, if only because of how each team was playing given their current situations. The Yankees have more money invested in players on the disabled list than most teams do on their entire roster, while the Blue Jays had been the winners of the Off Season with their big trade with the Marlins in which they received Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle and several cases of Cuban cigars for some role players and a book on understanding the joy of hockey. Somehow, despite the fact the Marlins finished dead last in 2012, the acquisition of the bulk of the team’s talent was supposed to make the Blue Jays a real contender in the AL East.

So far this wasn’t the case and the Blue Jays are currently in last place. The Yankees are in first.

This is obvious because of the massive turnout for the game.


The announced attendance was 40,000 people. I’m calling shenanigans on that.

I’m also calling shenanigans on this warning.


Let’s be honest, if a bat hits one of us up here in the 300 section, I won’t be mad. I’ll be impressed. Very impressed. Thanks for the heads up, though. Safety first.

And just to reiterate, there totally weren’t 40,000 people at this game.


Maybe the weather was too nice.

Or maybe people just aren’t that stoked about a team that is featuring Ben Francisco as their DH.

I sat for an inning, the first inning, determined to make the best of the situation. I was rooting for the beer vendors and umps. Go Red Sox. Let’s just see some good baseball.

In the first inning I did not see good baseball. I saw boring baseball.

This led me here…


Because if I’m going to pay $12 for a beer, a view like this helps.


And this view was pretty sweet as well…


The final score was 5-0. The Yankees’ pitcher Hiroki Kuroda was dealing, pitching a tidy two-hit shutout. Not really a memorable game, though. I can’t really tell you one cool thing that happened. I honestly can’t even tell you one thing that happened- cool or not.

But oh well, the weather was nice and the beer was cold. The Red Sox beat the Twins in extra innings and Funk Master Flex was spinning delicious jams on Hot 97 as we battled our way through traffic after the game- where Brooklyn at? It’s in New York. Why do people keeping ask that?

Let’s go Red Sox.




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