The Three Day Weekend Question

Here’s a question for you…

We can all agree that three day weekends are awesome. No really, we can literally all agree on that. But let’s say that your boss said that you could have a day off every month allowing you to have one three day weekend a month. The only kicker is that you can pick what day you want off- Friday or Monday. Whichever day you choose, you’re stuck with. No back tracking allowed.

So what day would you choose? Do you want to get things started early or let it run late? Is a Thursday night unencumbered from the burden of having to work on Friday more important to you then a fully-realized and totally loose Sunday? Or vice versa?

I know that we all love three day weekends, but what kind of three day weekend is for us.

Me? It’s easy. I’d go with Monday off. Weekends aren’t fair to Sundays. They get short-changed because they exist under the looming cloud of Monday. Stupid Monday. It’s bad enough that 87% of Mondays are the absolute worst , then they bring Sundays with them. It’s just not fair.

So which would you pick?


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