Super Awesome Happy Time: Best Albums of 2012 and Initial Thoughts on 2013

Yes, it’s 2013- wonderful! But before we get too far into whatever gadzooks craziness that this year has in store for us, allow me one more look back at 2012.

The Officially Official Giddy Up, America Best Albums of 2012…complete with mediocre haikus!
1. Dr. Dog Be the Void
Another great album/Philly dudes keep doing it/”Warrior man” rocks

2. The Avett Brothers The Carpenter
Soulful acoustic folk/Each song has a cool new feel/Parents must be proud

3. Japandroids Celebration Rock
Crazy Canucks rock/Just two dudes but that’s enough/Long live sing-a-longs

4. Santigold Master of My Make Believe

Four years was too long/Check out her backup dancers/”Disparate Youth” great

5. Band of Horses Mirage Rock
Another great spin/Sounds like the seventies dude/Best possible way
6. Soundgarden King Animal
Big dogs back with rock/No more Cornell side projects/Fierce muddy blues rock songs

7. Frank Ocean Channel Orange
On everyone’s list/Good old baby-making jams/Please keep making tunes

8. Rone The First Story
Philly dude nails it/”I Woke Up” among the best/Dice Raw prodigy

9. White Rabbits Milk Famous
Parking lot dance party/Gets better with more listens/Viva the stomp dude

10. G.O.O.D. Music Cruel Summer
Only ‘cuz of “Mercy”/Honorable mention “Clique”/No problem with the kilt

Just Close/Good Enough to Mention:
That Mumford & Sons album
Tsunami Rising “A Silent Spring
Galactic “Carnivale Electricos”
Gaslight Anthem “Handwritten”
Bruce Springsteen “Wrecking Ball”
The Heavy “The Glorious Dead”
Jack White “Blunderbuss”
Zach Jones “Things Were Better”
And now, some questions & initial thoughts about 2013…
Let me ask you something, what kind of world are we living in when a game of beer pong results in violence?
And let me ask you another thing- so what exactly is the Fiscal Cliff?
An orange gentlemen cries a lot and is needlessly withholding billions from numerous states bombarded and ramshackled by Superstorm Sandy is publicly lambasted by a robust gentlemen who looks like a potato. That talking potato’s diatribe & plea for help made for some compelling television and in the end, helped change the orange gentlemen’s mind. It wasn’t quite at the compelling level of Friday Night Lights, more like True Blood– loud noises, heated language…
I’m going to ask you another thing- what’s the point of having elected officials when they don’t work for those who elected them? Now you could counter with the fact that both New Jersey and New York’s elected officials fought valiantly for Congress to pass a relief bill for those affected by Sandy and I would agree without hesitation. But the whole process was gummed up by the orange gentlemen from Ohio, who, while he is directly elected by the good people of Ohio, is elected to not just represent those good people of Ohio, but the good people of America. I’m pretty sure that New York and New Jersey are in America and thus, under the representation of the orange gentlemen from Ohio. So what I’m saying is that our elected officials, whether we voted for them or not, has a responsibility to look out for all Americans. That doesn’t seem to be happening. But kudos to Senators & Congressmen from New York and New Jersey for fighting for their citizens and pressuring the orange gentlemen to get his head out of his ass. Even Rep. King from New York, usually a world class fart knocker, who did his part and did it well.
2013 has gotten off to such a confusing start that even though the New York football Giants missed the playoffs with a marvelous collapse down the stretch that was blamed on everything from Superstorm Sandy to a coach that pushes them to hard, none of us would be the least bit surprised if they somehow still ended up in the Super Bowl. But how is that possible? They missed the playoffs. If you’re asking that then you obviously are oblivious to the goblets of miracles Sir Eli Manning somehow pulls out of his posterior. The rest of 2013 can’t be this confusing. I’m not sure I have the stomach for it.
Here’s something- I’ve never taken a photo on Instagram and written “blessed” as a caption. Does this make me a bad person?
And another thing, the ability to not simply “like” a tweet, you know, like you would on Facebook is really inhibiting. I don’t mess around with the word “favorite.” That word carries meaning for me, as in Cookie Monster from Hoffman’s is my favorite kind of ice cream, but I like pumpkin as well.
Think about this- both Friday Night Lights and Madmen operate on two levels. There is the one level, where everything is peaches & cream and super awesome happy time. Then there is a second level, where everything is a complete clusterfudge- partially driven by the need to get the other level not only existing, but functioning. That is why both shows are amazing.
My New Year’s resolutions aren’t as comprehensive, encompassing or entertaining as Jose Canseco’s.
Happy New Year.

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