Where was I when the quake hit? I was here.

Where was I when the great mid-Atlantic earthquake of 2011 hit? Well sir, I was sitting at my desk, like I had been for the majority of this previously uneventful Tuesday when it felt like a rather portly person was walking by our building. The shaking felt like ocean motion. I miss ocean motion.

But at the time of the quake, the quake that happened in Virginia and was felt all the way up in New England according to rampant Facebookings and Twitterings, I was streaming the new Red Hot Chili Peppers’ album “I’m With You” and reading about Jorge Pasada’s fall from grace. The new Peppers’ album is pretty amazing. Posada’s fall from grace? Well, it’s not as surprising as the great earthquake was.

After the quake, our office was buzzing. I’m sure many offices were. I kept listening to “I’m With You.” The streaming of music on the internet may be my favorite new thing to do, next to surviving Tuesday afternoon earthquakes. I streamed “Watch the Throne,” the new album by Kanye West and Jay Z roughly 48 times when it was first released. The first song, I don’t even know what it’s called, was stuck in my head for about a week- just the music of it and that sound of rolling, bassed out guitars. I really believe that Kanye West is to hip hop what Axl Rose is to rock music. They both make gigantic, over the top and greatly unapologetic albums. With that being said, I totally feel that Kanye is two albums and three to four years away from going completely off the deep end, pissing off his own equivalent of Slash and disappearing for ten years before releasing an album that will never be able to live up to its own hype. I don’t think he’ll come back rocking corn rows, though.

After the great quake, I put on some My Morning Jacket. My Mom thought that when I referred to My Morning Jacket on the Facebook last week, I was talking about a jacket I wore in the morning- like an “evening coat” she had said. I don’t wear either. My Morning Jacket are playing tonight at the Mann Center in Fairmount Park and Future Wife and I are heading over. So after the great quake, I decided to get pumped up for the show. Last night, while sitting on the deck, I had listened to one of their earlier albums and watched the sunset while reading about an American born drug dealer nicknamed Barbie who rose to Drug Cartel prominence in Mexico. So right now I’m listening to “Evil Urges,” even though I like their new album, “Circuital” better. I’ll probably listen to that on the drive home.

Right before the earthquake, I was re-examining my fantasy football team- Burnsy’s Dumpster Fire. My bench is thin. On a scale of amazing to shitty, I feel last night’s draft was a solid “something to have some, but not an overwhelming amount of faith in.” I broke one of my rules, the Oh No Romo Rule, right off the bat, but stuck to most of the others. I ignored Jets’ players (the Jammer Rule) and despite almost drafting Ochocinco, refrained from taking any Patriots (the Tommy Football Rule) except for their defense, which I have a really good feeling about.

People in my office keep walking around, asking people if they felt the earthquake.

Who knows- maybe the Dumpster Fire will have some good luck this year and we’ll have some success. Injuries and impatience have been the death of me in years’ past. So this year, maybe things will be different. The off-season is the season of dreams and while my dreams rarely involve fantasy football, it’s still nice to lean on. I had a dream the other night that I broke a wine glass. Last night, a wine glass broke a pint glass in our sink. It was a Shipyard pint glass. The wine glass survived unscathed.

I have never been through an earthquake before today and I might never live through another one. Was it scary? Not really. If anything it almost tickled; kind of felt like I was on a roller coaster.

We couldn’t ask for a nicer night for a concert, earthquakes and subpar fantasy football drafts be damned.

Where was I when the great mid-Atlantic earthquake of 2011 hit?

I was in a holding pattern. Just like yesterday and probably just like tomorrow.

Any good tips on running backs?

Now that’s a question worth asking.

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