Ryno-approved bands for next year’s Super Bowl halftime show

All morning I’ve been singing a song I thought was the Black Eyed Peas, but turns out it was Usher. It doesn’t matter. No, no, no, no. The moral of this story is not that bad songs get stuck in your head. It’s that bad halftime acts at the Super Bowl get stuck in your head.

So while driving to work this morning, it was of all things- Blues Traveler, that got me thinking about bands or acts to play next year’s Super Bowl…provided it happens. Now I do not think Blues Traveler should be one of these bands. I don’t even know if they are a band anymore- but here was the thought process: 1.) oh shit, it’s Blues Traveler 2.) man, they were great live 3.) man, the Black Eyed Peas were terrible live 4.) a band that’s great live should play the Super Bowl, not a band that’s shitty live 5.) who do I think would be good live?

And as a result, the following list came together- only briefly interrupted by some nerd in a Prius cutting me off, then sitting in front of my in the passing lane. I didn’t get upset, but I did think about giving him the finger. Just because.

The following bands/acts are Ryno-approved Super Bowl Halftime acts (in no particular order):

1.) Pearl Jam- fills the quota of a somewhat classic band, they have massive appeal across a few demographics, and rock the shit out of live show. Although I’d be worried if they did play, it’d make my brother-in-law, Fast Eddie’s, head explode.

2.) The Roots- maybe not so much on their own, but as a backing band there is none better. Maybe the Roots joined by Jay Z and some other folks in some kind of Roots-orchestrated funk/hip hop/rap review. I think this would be sick.

3.) Stevie Wonder- because he puts on a hell of a show and has some of the sickest backing musicians alive.

4.) The Black Keys- you could say they aren’t popular enough, but the NFL used a song of theirs on a clip right after this year’s halftime and it sounded ten times better than anything the Black Eyed Peas did. Plus they rock.

5.) Green Day- because few modern rock bands do the stadium rock thing better than Green Day (i.e. the American Idiot tour.)

6.) Foo Fighters- here’s a sneaky fact (kind of) about the Foos, almost everyone likes them or likes at least three or four of their songs. Couple that with the undeniable fact that Dave Grohl has become the American Rock Star and these guys could do some damage.

7.) Red Hot Chili Peppers- kind of a long shot, but I think given the chance, they could really make the most of a 15 minute set- with or without wearing anything but either a sock or a giant lightbulb. Plus like the Foo Fighters they’ve become one of those bands that could also be a band almost everyone likes. Think about. Have you ever heard someone say they don’t like the Chili Peppers. *

8.) Bruce Springsteen- because he’s the Boss. Because he was amazing the last time he did it. Because the Super Bowl is super American and the Boss is super American. Because he could just play “Promised Land” twice and it would still put the Black Eyed Peas to shame.

Wild Cards: Michael Franti & Spearhead (put on a hell of a show that would translate well to a stadium,) Kings of Leon (America’s new favorite rock band for everyone except the creators of Glee,) and Dave Matthews Band (because it’s probably just a matter of time anyway.)

* sidenote: I’m shooting to break my own record for use of italics in this blog. Just in case you were wondering.

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