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The True Crime Genre Has a Problem

The true crime genre has exploded in recent years, but their long-term success is problematic because of one simple reason

‘Crimetown’ is the First Re-Listenable Podcast

The exploration of the criminal history of Providence, Rhode Island is the first of it's kind

The Real Reason Why ‘S-Town’ is So Popular

It's not just the story or the quality of production that had led to the podcast's success. An additional factor has played a massively important part.

‘S-Town’ is the Next Great Podcast

Murder, country-living and climate change anxiety are a few of the key factors of this great new podcast.

Ep. 10: Come at Me, Bro

This week's episode is packed. We talk about The People vs. OJ Simpson, the Super Bowl and Beyonce, the Bachelor and look ahead at this year's Grammys.

Ep. 3: Hello Taliban, It’s Me Sarah…

Serial season two, Golden Globe nominations, adventures with Santa and more

Favorite Things of 2014

A list of my ten favorite things that happened in 2014