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‘SNL’ Has a Trump Problem

Alec Baldwin's portrayal of Trump has seemed to run it's course. So what should the show do now?

‘SNL’ Opens Up the Vaults for Will Ferrell’s Return and It’s Glorious

In the lead up to his return to the show this weekend, 'SNL' uploaed the legendary Ferrell sketch “Gus Chiggins, Old Prospector” to YouTube

Coming Clean: I Don’t Find David S. Pumpkins Funny

The Tom Hanks-led SNL sketch has become a cultural phenomenon and I have no idea why

‘SNL’ Needs to Give Baldwin’s Trump a Break

Baldwin's Trump impersonation has been great, but it might be time to take a few weeks off

The Ten Best Things I Saw On Television

More than a list of the best TV shows, this is a list of the best things I saw on TV this year

You Know What’s Awesome (Part Two)

It seemed like a good time to once again, focus on the awesome as opposed to the not-so-awesome

Ep. 21: JoJo’s Bachelorette Game of Thrones

On episode 21 we talk Game of Thrones, Drake and Chance the Rapper before previewing the Bachelorette

The Winner of 2016 (so far): the Anger Bracket

Who comes out of the Anger Bracket? Is it Kanye, Courtney B. Vance, Larry David as Bernie Sanders or New Girl?

Ep. 7: Wait, Kim Kardashian JUST Got Netflix?

This week's episode features Oscar Talk! Making a Murderer Talk! The Bachelor Talk! And more talk!