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There When You Need ‘Em

In anticipation of the HBO doc, Montage of Heck, looking back at Nirvana

Still Foo After All These Years

It seems hard to believe, but the Foo Fighters are almost twenty years old

Seattle’s Big Brothers

Part four of Giddy Up America’s look back at the Albums of 1994: Soundgarden's monster of an album, "Superunknown"

The Pop Rock Scientists

Part two of Giddy Up America’s look back at the Albums of 1994: Weezer's debut album, "Weezer", a.k.a. The Blue Album

A Good Name Helps

A rundown of Giddy Up America's favorite band names

Kick Out the Jams: The Somehow 1993 was 20 Years Ago Edition

1993 was twenty years ago (I just realized this.) Here is a playlist of 30 of the best songs from 1992-1994.

A Sublime Legacy

Looking back at the legacy of Sublime upon the release of the new live album, "3 Ring Circus: Live at the Palace October 21, 1995."

You Know Who’s Awesome: Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl is awesome. Loving Wife says I have a man crush on him. I can't disagree. 5 Reasons Why Dave Grohl is Awesome: 1. He's having a blast and not afraid to show it...ever. 2. He wrote a song with Paul McCartney in three hours. And that song rocks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jBd9330h9kI 3. He formed a band, Them Crooked ...