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Man, Watergate was Nuts

Slate's new podcast 'Slow Burn' is an engrossing examination into the Watergate scandal and might be the perfect podcast for right now

Everything Might Actually Be Terrible Right Now

A breakdown of a revelation that the rumors could be true, everything might be terrible right now

‘SNL’ Needs to Give Baldwin’s Trump a Break

Baldwin's Trump impersonation has been great, but it might be time to take a few weeks off

Trump & The Thumbs Up Conundrum

Trump has made the thumbs up his signature move, something that has proven troubling for a life-time giver of thumbs ups

Saying Words Can Be (Unintelligible) Tough

Trump's recent interview with the Associated Press was another assault on the English language

This Isn’t the End (It Just Feels Like It)

The pain of the election is real, but moving forward is the best way to cope with it

The Winner of 2016 (so far): the Joy Bracket

The Joy Bracket: Kendrick Lamar, "Work" by Rihanna, Bad Dudes, RIP Bowie and more.

Trying to Move On: 5 Things to Think About Today Besides the Super Bowl

All right, the Super Bowl is over. Cue…sports angry! But it’s Monday and unfortunately life has to go on. The Bachelor is on tonight. It’s not all bad. But still, I’m baffled by the number of people who call out sick today. First because of the balls they must have to do it and second ...