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I Know It’s the Christmas Season Because I Saw That Corona Commercial

You know it's officially Christmas season when you first see that Corona commercial with the lights in the palm tree

Let’s Talk About Christmas Music

Christmas music can be wonderful for some, obnoxious for some, irrelevant for some. Giddy Up America runs through the most tolerable/best Christmas tunes out there.

Dropping Some (notes on) NYC

Day trip with the Wife into NYC Saturday for some people-watching, people-dodging, casual-dining, large tree-gazing, pricey & adorable ice skating, late-night train ride napping. Some notes:   It's not walking, it's combative walking. Just calling it walking would make you think there is some leisure involved. New York City must be a rough place to ...

Banana Bread Dreams & Egg Nog w/ Rum Wishes: Looking back at Christmas Memories

Christmas memories are like episodes of Madmen- face it, they’re all awesome, just in their own unique ways. There was one lovely Christmas in Maine when I was working at Bay Lines and pulled the Downbay PM shift, which in the days leading up to Christmas looked like one of the more desire able shifts, ...