A List Of Questions I Still Have About The ‘Succession’ Finale

Since Sunday night at around 10:20 pm here on the east coast, I have been mainly able to think about one thing and one thing only. No, it was not our youngest being sick or that despite the town saying they’d be picking up leaves on the 12th, they have yet to do so. It’s been the Succession finale.

I can’t stop thinking about it and truth be told, I’m not sure when the fever will break.

My thoughts about the finale are generally split up into two camps. There are the observations and there are the questions. The observations are pretty straightforward and probably not that different than other people’s. My questions might also be pretty common but I can’t help it that I keep coming back to them probably more than the observations.

So, here’s the thing. I made the coffee too strong, I’m currently in a position where I have some time to kill and much like Logan’s compound in the outskirts of Tuscany, I have decent WiFi. Let’s just get into it and hopefully that will help us move on with our lives.

The 'Succession' Season 3 Finale Recap Report Card | Diario Porteño

That was crazy, huh? No, sorry. Of course, it was. That wasn’t a good question to start with. Plus it was more of an observation. Now let’s do questions.

Was Logan’s compound in Tuscany?

What kind of place was that? Was it someone’s house? Is it available for weddings and private events?

What does Stanley Tucci think about the show’s portrayal of Tuscany? His opinion matters to me with all things concerning Italy.

Can I go to Tuscany?

How far is Lukas Mattson’s lakeside spot from Tuscany and is it realistic to get there by helicopter and then by boat? Is that the best option? I guess it depends on the helipad’s location in relation to Mattson’s probably.

Does Mattson live in the house by himself?

How old is Mattson supposed to be?

Can he be on next season too? He narrowly edges out Kerri, Logan’s assistant, as Rookie of the Year.

Will Adrian Brody’s character ever be back or was that just a Succession pop-in? Lot of layers for just one episode if you ask me.

Remember when the show started and Logan looked to be losing it? Is that still in play or have we moved past that?

Did Kendall actually dive back down to try and save that waiter?

For the record, by Sunday afternoon, I had landed on Kendall not being dead. That’s not a question but I just want to throw that out there.

Did Tom immediately decide to double-cross Shiv or did he take a moment to think first?

Was Caroline possibly a little wedding drunk when Logan broached the subject of updating the terms of the divorce?

The kids still stand to gain financially from the sale to GoJo, right?

So, if you look at things from Logan’s perspective, he kind of has a justified point when he tells them “make their own pile,” right? I mean, he’s watched them all flounder and buckle when given any semblance of power and routinely proved that they’re not up for the challenge. Why shouldn’t he cut them a check and tell them to be on their way?

Do you think Kendall still loves Allen Iverson or maybe in quiet moments, regrets naming his son that?

What happened to Naomi?

Do you think maybe the actress playing Naomi couldn’t get cleared to travel internationally?

I have no idea who Greg’s love interest is and what her title is. Again, not a question. Just getting that out there.

Do you think Tom had been planning on making a move against Shiv for a while and was just waiting for the right opportunity?

How much do you think each of the Roy kids is worth?

Why has Connor never stood up to the kids before? Because yeah, he is the oldest.

Does Tom and Shiv’s place in New York have separate rooms? It probably should now.

Why wouldn’t the kids at least entertain the idea of Logan selling the company and making them a bunch of money, freeing them up to do something else with their lives?

How do you think Matsson would rate you?

Have you also been calling Vanity Fair more than they’ve been calling you?

What kind of name is Comfry?

Do you feel kind of bad for her re: the Greg situation or do you think she probably doesn’t care?

Would the room Logan was in at his compound be considered the C-suite? Just curious.

What’s next for Shiv, Roman, and Kendall? Yeah, that’s a big one but it seems like a good place to end.

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