The 5 Best Childhood Foods You Get To Enjoy Again Thanks To Being A Dad

One of the funny things about being a Dad is that you oddly enough, you find yourself having a lot of random time to stare off into space and think about things. Most of the time, the stuff you think about is all over the place. Sometimes this time is occupied with thinking about boring stuff, like work and whatnot, but when you’re standing there, pushing your kid on a swing for 10 to 15 minutes, your mind goes all over the place.

Recently, in such a situation, I found myself thinking about how sweet it is that my daughter is into Mac & Cheese right now, mainly because Mac & Cheese is the best. I hadn’t eaten it in years, but now, thanks to her newfound love for it, it’s crept back into my life.

This then got me thinking about other foods that I have long since forgotten or moved on from, but have returned with vigor thanks to fatherhood. The end result was this list of the five best foods from back in the day that I get to enjoy again, courtesy of fatherhood.

And yes, while not technically a food, juice boxes makes an appearance.


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