Playlists for Turkey Day Travels

Thanksgiving generally means that you are traveling somewhere, whether it’s a relatives or in-laws or soon-to-be in-laws or just the deepest, darkest corners of your mind as you escape all of the aforementioned clusters. As my good deed for the day, I’ve compiled some playlists I’ve put together recently with the hope that someway and somehow, they can help you through these next few days.

Here for Election Day

Originally created for, wait for it, Election Day, this is a collection of upbeat, go effin’ get ’em songs that make for a good driving playlist.

30 of Spoon

My 30 favorite Spoon tracks because Spoon is a great band and this playlist could easily be much, much longer.

20 of the Police

The Police recently released a box set, featuring remastered versions of all of their albums. It then sent me down a Police Spotify rabbit hole with this being the end result.

20 of the Revivalists

They just released a new album. It’s pretty good. I’m leaning on this playlist for now though.

45 of Galactic

One of my favorite bands that I can always find a reason to listen to.

The Roots Appreciation Society

I’m the founding member and I’m always looking for new members,

The Monday Jams

A compilation of all 15 of my Monday Jams playlists.

35 Hey Oh! Songs for 2017

My favorite Hey Oh! songs of last year. A Hey Oh! song being one that made me drop a resounding “Hey oh!” when I first heard it.

35 of DMB

I still ride with Dave Matthews Band, just not as often.


Because why the hell not listen to some effin’ Hall and Oates?

30 of Weezer

There is never a bad time to listen to Weezer, unless that time is listening to one of their bad albums, of which there are a couple.

Sturgill & Stapleton

A playlist of the best tunes from Sturgill Simpson and Chris Stapleton

20 of Rustic Overtones, parts 1 & 2

Because my favorite band deserves two playlists and I will not be convinced otherwise.

Giddy Up America Radio

1,860 songs. There has to be at least 20 you’re cool with.

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