NBA Word(s) Association

I’m going to be honest and say right from the jump that up until this point I haven’t paid much attention to the NBA yet this season. I’ve kept tabs in the most pedestrian way possible and hey, I’m on Twitter, I know some things.

Things I Know About the 2016-17 NBA Season

Kevin Durant is on the Warriors
The Warriors aren’t unbeatable yet
The Western Conference is still the better conference

That might be it. But hey, I told you I haven’t really paid attention yet. And it’s not like this is going to change anytime soon. I like basketball, but I’ve also accepted the fact that the NBA and I don’t really hang out on a regular basis until March Madness is over. That’s just the way it is.

Yet not knowing much about the current NBA landscape isn’t going to stop me from doing a little NBA word(s) association. Rules are simple here. Name a team and follow it up with the first thing that comes to mind. For reference, I’m currently listening to the new Hamilton Mixtape and right now, I’m on the third track, “Wrote My Way Out.”

Atlanta Hawks: not as good as the show Atlanta

Boston Celtics: need a big man

Brooklyn Nets: this dude still gives me nightmares

Charlotte Hornets: Kemba, Kemba, Kemba what!

Chicago Bulls: I remember when Dwyane Wade and Rondo hated each other. I enjoyed that.

Cleveland Cavaliers: besties

Dallas Mavericks: Dirk and some dudes

Denver Nuggets: huh, nuggets

Detroit Pistons: *crickets*

Golden State Warriors: Draymond, stop kicking people

Houston Rockets: better off without Dwight

Indiana Pacers: regrettable appearance on The Bachelor notwithstanding…

LA Clippers: I like the name “Clippers”

LA Lakers: like a rejuvenated soul free from a terrible relationship

Memphis Grizzles: Justin Timberlake

Miami Heat: they’ll be good again in a couple years

Milwaukee Bucks: that Greek dude

Minnesota Timberwolves: podcasts tell me Karl Anthony-Towns is really good

New Orleans Pelicans: podcasts tell me the only thing they have is Anthony Davis

New York Knicks: When the Garden Was Eden was a dope doc

Oklahoma City Thunder: Russ is a psychopath

Orlando Magic: got nothing…both them and myself

Philadelphia Sixers: more like the Suxers

Related image

Phoenix Suns: uh?

Portland Trail Blazers: top five team name in the NBA

Sacramento Kings: Boogie!

San Antonio Spurs: most likely to knock the Warriors out of the playoffs because that’s what the Spurs do

Toronto Raptors: yuck, Drake

Utah Jazz: I like Utah…the state…I don’t really care about the team

Washington Wizards: one of the worst team names in all of sports that isn’t the worst because the name is culturally insensitive

Where we at with Hamilton? Track 6, “Satisfied.”

Not bad.

Worth noting: this Hamilton Mixtape is pretty great.

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