The Fifth ‘Westworld’ Q &A

Okay, no chit chat or hullabaloo. Another episode of Westworld and yes, more questions and more attempts at answers. Let’s do this.

How crazy is it that Bernard is a host?

At first, not so crazy. It was definitely starting to look that way so I can’t say it was a total surprise. There have been a series of little clues scattered throughout the first few episodes and plenty of Internet chatter. I think in this episode particular, the major red flag was him not seeing the door in the cottage, which was notable seeing as how moments before he conveniently mentioned that the hosts can’t see things they are not programmed to see.

However, when you think about it, Bernard being a host is crazy from a bigger picture stand point.

How so?

If this episode taught us one main thing, it’s that you don’t eff with Ford and that Ford knows all. Ford is in total control of the park. We thought that was the case, but now we know it. Homeboy is making his own robots and no one knows about it. Plus, Bernard has been doing all the interrogations, specifically the ones with Dolores, where she talks about dreams and the like. Before it seemed like Ford was oblivious to this. He knew about the irregularities, but possibly not the full extent of them. But if you know assume that everything Bernard knew, Ford knows, then poof, Ford effin’ knows everything.

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So Ford is the bad guy?

For now. I still think there are more layers to be peeled from this whole Delos and the board and Tessa Thompson thing. Right now, with the show focused solely on the park, it does look like Ford is the bad guy. But if they start to zoom out and if something starts to come into play like say, Delos looking to weaponize the technology of West World in the real world, Ford will just be a bump in the road, a season one or two big bad we have long forgotten about come season four.

Last Bernard question, why even bother wear a tie?

I know! He looks like the bartender at the bar I went to this weekend. That’s not a compliment. Ties should only be worn loosened around hour two of a wedding reception or on the drive home from work.

Did Theresa really have to die?

I mean, it seems that way.

Won’t someone be looking for her?

In a normal world, yes. In West World, where Ford is seemingly behind every control, doubtful.

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What’s up with Charlotte? Is there a chance she’s somehow on Ford’s side?

I think anything involving Ford merits a cautious raise of the eyebrow at this point. While it seems that on the one hand, she’s part of the establishment and thus a natural enemy of the art community (i.e. Ford,) they did both use the phrase “blood sacrifice,” which seems like a weird thing to say for people surrounded by robots to say on a semi-regular basis.

How hopeful should we be that this all works out well for Maeve?

I don’t know. Have you seen Ex-Machina? If Maeve has, it gives her a decent playbook by which to plot her moves.

Why is the bearded tech working on a Maeve such a miserable bastard?

Maybe because he’s still stuck working his side hustle at Pizza Hut.

But come on, Maeve can’t really escape, right?

Hold on. (shakes magic 8 ball.) Outlook’s not so good.

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If Maeve gets out, do you think she brings Clementine with her?

Honey, I don’t think Clementine is going to be Clementine much longer.

How freaking big is the park by the way?

Pretty freaking big.

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Why do the techs have to wear those suits when they enter the park?

No clue. Definitely not to try and fit in.

So where do we go from here?

Well, I don’t really know what the end game is for William and Dolores and we didn’t see the Man in Black this week, but it’s not like I’m totally clear about what he’s up to. I do think the gradual inclusion of corporate overlords is kind of interesting. I could see the rest of this season continuing to establish Ford as the big bad guy before pivoting towards some kind of big reveal as the season ends. What that reveal is, though? Arnold maybe?

Oh hey, what about Elsie?

Uh, doesn’t look that good. It never does when you get snatched up while poking around a dark doll factory. It actually never looks good when you get snatched up, regardless of the location.

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