Jams For A Thursday

Adam Deitch, drummer for Lettuce and Break Science, has become one of my favorite drummers in recent years. He’s definitely in my top 10, maybe at 6. Homeboy is sniffing the top 5. I really liked his work in Lettuce’s latest album Crush a lot. He is a back beat master, a scientist if you will. I like that in drummers.

When he’s not manning the drum kit, Deitch has established a nice little side hustle for himself as a producer. He’s worked with Talib Kweli, Immortal Technique, 50 Cent, Jurassic 5, KRS-One, Redman and more. His latest project, I Get A Rush, is a buffet table of his last productions; delectable temptations sitting there for some lucky emcee to scoop up and spit over. The lead track, “Slippin Into Science” is a re-working of a cover Lettuce plays of a cover that another random band did of “Slippin’ Into Darkness” by War. Another track, “Boom N Pound” includes a few bars by Chuck D and Ryan Zoidis of Lettuce and formerly of a Giddy Up America favorite Rustic Overtones pops up on the set’s title track.

The seven tracks are funky, smooth and driven by some delightfully in the pocket beats. The whole thing moves, which seems to be a noted trademark of Deitch. Everything he touches moves. It’s pretty sweet.


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