Ep. 4: You Had One Job, Steve Harvey…

header 2015In this week’s episode, after Elyse reviews Star Wars: The Force Awakens and we check in on the Saturday Night Live Stock Market, we go back and recap the year, listing off our top 5 albums, songs, movies and TV shows. We also name our top 5 favorite people of the year, as well as something we loved this year and something we hated. Spoiler: one of us DID NOT care for Deflategate.

And hey, because we care, here is a Spotify playlist of our favorite songs of the year. Listen to it after you listen to the podcast.

The Differing Opinions on Drake podcast is also now on iTunes. You can find it HERE. Please download it, review it, pass it along. We’ll be your best friends. Promise. And as always, you can reach the podcast on Twitter, Instagram or via the electronic mail.



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