Summer Music Fest Word Association: Firefly edition

FF_web_gallery_1There are two things that happened earlier than this very moment. Earlier this year, I ran through the lineups of three of the bigger summer music festivals, Governor’s Ball, Bonnaroo and Coachella, doing some word association with each one. Earlier this week, Firefly, the new kid on the summer music festival block but also one that has quickly grown in stature, released the lineup to it’s 2015 version.

I just don’t want Firefly to feel left out.

So here it is…

Giddy Up America’s Big 3 Summer Music Fest Super Word Association: Firefly edition

Kings of Leon: Back in the game!
The Killers: Dude, their lyrics don’t make any sense
Morrissey: Buck up, buddy
Snoop Dogg: Loves him some tax free shopping
Foster the People: Only here to meet Joe Biden
Zedd: still dead
Modest Mouse: Better than a horse with bravado
Bastille: The French!
Empire of the Sun: Possibly a cult in Northern California
Hozier: Hopefully not before or after Morrissey…too many sad emotions!
Kid Cudi: Will not take his backpack off for anyone
Steve Aoki: Should team with DJ Doki
Sublime with Rome: i.e. Great Band with Less Talent
Spoon: Dudes
Cage the Elephant: Harbors grudge against elephants, won’t say why
Awolnation: So we’ll put two words together that don’t make sense together, but sound like they kind of do
The Kooks: Crazy kids
Gary Clark Jr.: Boss
KYGO: Ninja
Matt & Kim: Boss ninjas
The Chainsmokers: Just here for the tax free cigarettes
Run the Jewels: My new favorite hip hop group
Walk the Moon: It’s more like skipping…you know, because of gravity
Cold War Kids: 80’s babies
Dirty Heads: Lice victims
Charli XCX: I looked it up- 10, 100, 10
Odesza: You damn kids and your misspelled names!
Citizen Cope: More like President Chill
Tove Lo: Slurred speaking for “tough love”
Tycho: Member of Tuco’s crew
Sturgill Simpson: ‘s Auto Repair
Manchester Orchestra: I don’t think they’re an actual orchestra
Logic: Good to have in Delaware
Broods: Bummer of a group to hang out with
Big Data: Very large Excel spreadsheets
DJ Mustard: Spicy, Yellow, Hot, Brown? We demand specifics!
Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness: Just in case you were wondering where he is
Sylvan Esso: Are we sure this isn’t a brand of appliances?
Clean Bandit: There are no clean bandits
Benjamin Booker: Turbo-charged
The White Panda: James Bond villain
Echosmith: Cool kids
Lettuce: Funky monks
How to Dress Well: Informative, sponsored by Esquire
RJD2: Not that RJD2
Bahamas: Where the majority of New Englanders wish they were right now
Rustie: Your neighbor’s dog
Bear Hands: Your neighbor’s cat
PHOX: Your neighbor’s something…I don’t know what this means
Young Rising Sons: Pretentious assholes
The Wind and the Wave: Kite-surfers
Dizzy Wright: 1920’s gangster
Milo Greene: Also a 1920’s gangster
Joe Pug: Shit…also a 1920’s gangster
Twin Peaks: Great show for the first season and a half
The Griswolds: Clark plays bass
Night Terrors of 1927: Honey, I had the worst dream that we’d lose all our money in only two years
Sweater Beats: Cozy grooves
Filibusta: Mitch McConnell and John Boehner’s emo rap duo
Broncho: Long lost Marx brother
Kill Them With Colour: Better than with kindness I guess
Kingsize: Probably just a two-person band with a lame sense of irony
Cypher Clique: 90’s rap group

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