Street Bangers? No. Street Bangerz!

gramatik1I don’t know how I heard about Gramatik. Somewhere, someone, something. In the end it doesn’t matter. I heard about him- he’s a dude– I actually don’t know. I heard about Gramatik. Case closed.

English? French? Brooklyn? Minnesota? I have no idea where Gramatik is from, let alone what hair style Gramatik rocks, decisions on sunglasses inside, choice of sneakers. I know nothing about Gramatik.

Well, I know that at some point in the not so recent past, Gramatik- I really think he’s a he, released a series of mix tapes, Street Bangerz. There are three of them: SB1, SB2, SB3.

They are jams!

Sick beats, sick samples, sick grooves- all so sick they’d be beyond medical attention. So sick the doctors can’t help! So sick nurses don’t even bother! So sick it’s all about flat Ginger Ale and toast with absolutely nothing…NOTHING…on it! Yes, these jams are that sick.

Gramatik, I don’t know who you are, what your hobbies are, what you think of this season of Boardwalk Empire…but I know you released these Street Bangerz joints and they are straight up dope nasty. Did I just write “straight up dope nasty?” Yes. Yes I did. I feel weird about it. But shit man, these jams do something to me. Long story short- I like them.

And here, all three in one playlist.

Because you turn this playlist on, even put it on shuffle and let it go. Just let it go, sit back and enjoy.

So sick the doctors threw down their stethoscopes in disgust! There’s nothing we can do, they yelled!

And they were right.

That sick.

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