Shimmy Shimmy Ya: Best of G N’ R edition

Guns-N-Roses-670x502-665x385Because sometimes you need a cold beer.

Because sometimes you need a mental health day.

Because sometimes you need to just hang out with your dog.

Because sometimes…you need some Guns n’ Effin’ Roses.

It’s true. I had this realization last week when I was driving home. “Paradise City” came on and it was exactly what I wanted to hear at that moment. I turned it up, rolled the windows down…no, I didn’t actually roll the windows down. I pushed the button, the windows went down. But that doesn’t sound as cool. I rolled the windows down!

How many times does that happen- does a band like Guns n’ Roses come on at the perfect time? They’re one of the bands, Perfect Moment Bands. You used to listen to them; you don’t really anymore. They’re on the radio often enough, but you don’t always listen when they are. But sometimes, sometimes stars align, shit makes sense, and Guns n’ Roses is all you want to hear.

Because sometimes, sometimes you need some Guns n’ Effin’ Roses.

Giddy Up America’s Sometimes You Need Guns N’ Roses’ Playlist


Mr. Brownstone
You Could Be Mine
Live & Let Die
Paradise City
Used to Love Her
Catcher in the Rye
Don’t Cry
November Rain
Sweet Child O’ Mine
Civil War
My Michelle
It’s So Easy
Riad N’ the Bedouins
Welcome to the Jungle


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