14 Maybes for 2014

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklersThese are not resolutions, these are maybes. As in maybe I’ll do this or maybe I’ll do that.

Here are 14 Maybes for 2014…

Listed in no particular order.

1. Maybe I’ll grow a beard.

2. Maybe I’ll learn how to play the ukelele.

3. Maybe I’ll learn how to change my own oil…of my car.

4. Maybe I’ll finish A People’s History of the United States.

5. Maybe I’ll get a manicure.

6. Maybe I’ll learn how to cook something besides chicken.

7. Maybe I’ll learn how to tie a tie.

8. Maybe I’ll eat more avocados.

9. Maybe I’ll make pulled pork burritos.

10. Maybe I’ll start doing push ups each morning. Like 20 of them.

11. Maybe I’ll buy a fishing pole and start fishing.

12. Maybe I’ll join a cover band.

13. Maybe I’ll try a red wine besides Cabernet Sauvignon.

14. Maybe I’ll change my mind about playing fantasy football next year.

Bonus Maybe: Maybe I’ll get that paint stain off our driveway.




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