Making Some Assumptions About Lorde

lorde-bigshot-626x386Like you, I don’t know much about Lorde.

By now we all know that she’s from New Zealand and that’s she’s only sixteen years old. But besides that and the fact that she sings “Royals,” she’s kind of a mystery.

Lorde recently performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. It was an interesting performance and at Giddy Up America, the performance has led to some speculating about who this Lorde lady really is, what she’s like, what she likes, etc.

The result?

Here’s 20 assumptions about Lorde based on her performance on Fallon…

1. Her hair has magical powers.
2. She has numerous Stevie Nicks posters on her wall.
3. Her favorite movie is The Craft.
4. Until recently, she thought Miley Cyrus was a disease goats get.
5. She prefers old Nine Inch Nails to new Nine Inch Nails but when it comes down to it, isn’t much for physical labor.
6. Lorde once punched someone when they called her a pixie. She thinks of herself as more of an elf.
7. She owns 739 items of costume jewelry.
8. She feels that Wicca is too light weight.
9. Lorde agrees- Tim Tebow just isn’t a good NFL quarterback.
10. She only likes black and white photography but has a soft spot for color photos of fruit.
11. Growing up, her barbies frequently met untimely deaths.
12. She once slashed someone’s tires because they called her an elf. At that point, she felt more pixie like.
13. Her favorite food is kale.
14. Her second favorite food is oatmeal.
15. Lorde’s best friend is a ghost named Hector. He plays a mean banjo.
16. Lorde does love herself a good cigar.
17. She only takes baths because she finds showers uncomfortable,
18. She is totally cool with how Lost ended.
19. Sunlight makes her nervous because she thinks it’s how dreams die.
20. Lorde is neither a cat or a dog person. Lorde digs birds.

But on the real and this is not an assumption, Lorde’s album, Pure Heroine, is great. It reminds me a lot of Wild Belle. Clock is ticking, though. Given that “Royals” is currently in heavy rotation on nearly every kind of radio station besides country, it’s only a matter of time before we get sick of it. Thankfully Pure Heroine is full of good songs, all on par with “Royals.”


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