Talkin’ Some More True Blood

935061_527143350684397_95364481_nAll right. Let’s talk some True Blood. It’s been a couple weeks.

Yes it has.

Did you watch last night or were you watching Breaking Bad?

No, I watched. Actually haven’t seen really any of Breaking Bad yet.

I think that makes you one of six or seven people in America.


So, True Blood.

Yes, True Blood.

What should we start with?

Definitely not the vampires hippie dancing their way through the parking lot.


And definitely not Terry’s funeral.

I liked that.

I was cool with it, just thought it went on too long. Especially when acting in contrast with everything that was going at the Vampire Death Camp. I’m all for juxtaposing emotions, which is what I felt last night’s episode was doing, but it was too much; too many funeral scenes. It really all goes back to my one main issue with the show- it should just stick with the vampires and let everything else fall by the wayside.

You don’t want any more were-panthers or fairy discotheques?

No. No I don’t.

Let’s start with Warlow then.

Eh, kind of lost interest in him. All he’s done is hang out in that graveyard for the past couple weeks. It’s like season two of the Walking Dead. Just a lot of talking, but not much doing.

Well, there was a little bit of “doing.”

Isn’t it weird that Warlow seemed so scary and freaky when he poked his head out last season and now he’s basically just in town for a long-term booty call?

Kind of.

He went from the presumptive villain to love-struck whipping boy. Little bit of a downgrade.

Yeah. He did go from looking like this to looking like this. Not sure how that happened. Plus when he started showing up last season, appearing to Sookie in the bathroom, he was a tad bit too menacing to be courting, which is apparently all that he’s here for.

You didn’t date that way?

By poking my head through dimensions and saying ‘I’m coming for you?’ No.

I think there’s still something to that.

I agree.

And I think there’s more to Bill, the Vampire Jesus, than just saving a couple of his homies. Because that seemed like small potatoes to a messiah. Shouldn’t a messiah be saving hordes, throngs of people from massive devastation?

You’d think so.

And is Eric gone?

I hope not. He’s the most interesting character on the show. Jason is probably the most entertaining, but Eric is easily the most interesting.

I’d think he’d be back. Wouldn’t we have heard something about Alexander Skarsgard leaving the show?

This is the Information Age.

I’ll have a hard time sticking with the show if it’s sans Eric.

I think a lot of people would, which is why I don’t think he’s leaving. Maybe he’s just peacing out for some quiet time. Some Eric time.

I’d watch a spin-off show, revolving around the adventures of Jason and Eric.

Who wouldn’t?

Speaking of Jason, do you think there’s more to that crazy vampire who is all about him?

This gal?

Yeah. Just seems like she’s too interesting to be just a flash in the pan.

It’s possible. Maybe she’ll be the villain next season.

Unless Sarah Newlin comes back.

She could. There was no way Jason was going to kill her by the way. No way. It’d be too dark for Jason and if they’re going to kill someone like Sarah Newlin, it had to be in an over the top fashion. Anna Camp is too effin’ adorable to be shot to death like that. I bet she’s gone and we never see her again.

This whole scene was pretty amazing, though…

Thank you, Jesus.

Thank you, Jesus.

Good way for Sarah to go out.

Better than her ex-husband.

Poor, Steve.


So what else is there to talk about? Terry’s funeral?


Sam going to be a dad?


Anything involving Alcide?


Ok. Predictions for the finale?

No clue. It seems like all hell breaks loose.

I have one. I bet Sookie becomes a vampire.

Fine. My prediction? Alcide dies.

Prediction or hope?


Fair enough.

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