Jam of the Day: Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Jason Koenig

Listen, you should have at least one hip hop station among the presets of your car’s stereo. You should. It’s good filler, frequently killer and you might even hear “Thriller.” Sure I’m a white dude from Maine and sometimes I can’t even understand what the DJ’s are saying and I’m often wondering why they talk so much when a song is playing- but it’s cool. It works. Stuck in traffic? Hip Hop station’s got you. Cruising down the freeway? Yes sir, hip hop station’s got you. Date night with the lady? Oh you betcha, hip hop station’s got you.

My hip hop station of choice? Hot 97 out of New York. I finally heard “Mercy” on it, they do awesome throwback sessions in the morning and I do enjoy a good spin of any Kanye song- even one of the weird ones he did when he was sad.

This morning I heard “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and it was quick to be anointed Giddy Up America’ Jam of the Day.

It’s got a great beat, catchy as hell lyrics and I like that horn-sounding sample. And the video? Well it should easily resonate with anyone (like myself) who has spent some quality time in a local thrift shop, searching for random t-shirts and stylish jackets.

I had never heard of these dudes before the 2013 Roots Picnic line-up came out and when I saw they were included, thought I’d check them out. Their album, The Heist, was good- but it didn’t blow me away.

Well “Thrift Shop” blew me away and that’s why it’s today’s Jam of the Day.

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