Tag: For your consideration

Stuff We Need Right Now: ‘Chef’

Things are weird right now and honestly, kind of a bummer. So we need things to make us feel good. For instance, Jon Favreau's 2014 culinary comedy 'Chef'

For Your Consideration: Golden Howl

The second EP from San Diego's Golden Howl is the perfect way to combat the madness that is the world around us right now

For Your Consideration: Drinking Buddies

Drinking Buddies, a romantic comedy that zigs instead of zags.

Snow Day Listening: Booker T. & the Roots

A recommendation for some snow day jams..."The Road From Memphis" by Booker T. Jones, backed by the Roots

For Your Consideration: Sha Sha Sha

Sha Sha Sha is a musical collective from Portland, Maine. They jam. Check 'em out.

For Your Consideration: the Spouse Live Album

The new Spouse live album is the perfect cure for Monday morning blues

For Your Consideration: The Bridge

Making the case for the new FX show, The Bridge