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The 70 Best Tom Petty Songs Ranked

To celebrate what would have been Tom Petty's 70th birthday, here is a ranking of his 70 best songs.

I Have Never Related to Dave Grohl More

During a recent show, Dave Grohl showed his humanity and proved that it doesn't matter who you are, age catches up with you

Watching the Foo Fighters on YouTube Turned My Summer Monday Right Around

Concert footage from a Foo Fighters' show in Germany kicked the Summer Monday blues to the curb!

Sonic Saint Cecilia Highways

Sonic Highways and Saint Cecilia are good Foo Fighters' albums...combining the two though? That makes a great album. Trust me.

There When You Need ‘Em

In anticipation of the HBO doc, Montage of Heck, looking back at Nirvana

Still Foo After All These Years

It seems hard to believe, but the Foo Fighters are almost twenty years old

Paint the Grammys Red

The top 5 moments from last night's Grammy Awards (including only one passing reference to Pharrell's hat)

Daring to Dream

Coming up with some lineups for Giddy Up America's ideal music super groups

Today in Awesome: Soundgarden and Segways!

Soundgarden's video for "Crooked Steps"