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Alive Amongst the Living: A Winter Morning on Casco Bay

Feeling nostalgic for my days at Casco Bay Lines in Maine. So here is an essay from my thesis, It Will Be Amazing Eventually, about a trip down Casco Bay on the 505 run for Casco Bay Lines.

33 Things I Know

Tomorrow I turn 33. At this point in my life I don’t know everything there is to know- I only know some things. Things you know are absolute- they are facts as far as you are concerned. They are bases of discussion, conversation starters, conversation enders, and possibly points of contention. But ultimately they are ...

It’s Not About Now, it’s About What’s Next: a brief retrospective of my work history.

I am a man who has had quite a few jobs. My first job was delivering newspapers on Sunday morning. After that, I worked briefly at a bagel place. Then I bagged groceries at a grocery store, but that job never went really well. One day I got caught coming back from Subway when I ...