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About That One Cinco De Mayo In Baltimore All Those Years Ago

Cinco de Mayo will always be special to me and will always remind me of one wild night in Baltimore

Investigative Journalism: J Roddy Walston & the Business

Findings from exhaustive research about the Baltimore band, J Roddy and the Business

2000 Conversations: Giant Turtles, Tattoos & Touchdowns, a Fictional Conversation About the Super Bowl

The bar is nearly empty when 2000 walks in, shaking the remnants of snow off of his jacket. He rambles up to the bar as ramblers do, taking a seat on a stool a couple stools down from the only other patron, a frosty looking gentlemen with a salt & pepper beard. They make eye ...

A Table for Two: the story of me and my drums.

The story of my drums would start with the burning of my old drums. My old drums were an old set of Slingerland drums and I had gotten them around high school graduation. They replaced my first set- a well worn Maxx drum set I had bought for $400 at Portland Percussion one winter early ...

I don’t remember urinating. Do you?

Checkers was the only place open. Royal Farms was closing. Never a Wawa around when you need one. So we swung into the parking lot. There was a nice breeze out and I was telling Big that my team, Burnsy’s Off Duty Ninjas, might not be a big play team per say- but they would ...