This Gary Clark Jr. Song Might Be the Best Thing About ‘Justice League’

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or quite simply immune to news of comic book movies coming down the pike, you know full well that the Justice League movie is coming out in November. The trailers have looked okay, but anyone thinking the movie will be a slam dunk is someone who obviously didn’t see Batman v Superman and are forming any opinions they may be based off of Wonder Woman, which is a potentially grave mistake. Yes, Wonder Woman was a great movie, a fun movie. It was also however, a movie that was not directed by Zack Snyder and studies have shown that Snyder makes neither great, nor fun movies. Snyder made Batman v Superman. That movie was a flaming dumpster fire. Actually, it was worst than that.

The dumpster was full of diapers filled with unbearably awful, wildly foul gobs of infant alien poop. If you’re a parent, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re not, use your imagination.

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When the trailers for Justice League started rolling out, pretty much everyone noticed the hard-rocking version of the Beatles’ classic “Come Together,” but I don’t think many people paid much attention to it. It really just sounded like noise in a trailer that was all noise…and quick cuts…and darkness…and bullshit…and glimmers of hope buried under piles of baggage. I for one, didn’t think twice about the song.

Until today.

It turns out that hard-rocking version of the Beatles’ classic “Come Together” was performed by my dude Gary Clark Jr. and it was released on Spotify today. Clark and his band appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers earlier this week and debuted the tune live.

The song is effin’ thunder, man. I feel like an asshole for not paying any mind to it sooner. But in my defense, there was a lot to take in with those Justice League trailers. Also, separated from the movie, it sounds better. I love the thump it has, the punch and kicks and guitar shredding. I imagine it’s what Aerosmith hoped to pull off when they did a version of “Come Together” back in the day. That version actually isn’t that bad, but if we’re ranking them, it’s firmly in third place behind Clark and then the original of course. It’s a law – a cover of a tune can never be original. For as good as of Sturgill Simpson’s version of “In Bloom” is, it’ll never be better than Nirvana’s. It’s not possible. A cover can come damn close to besting it’s original, but never all the way.

With that being said, Clark’s version of “Come Together” is a hell of a rock song and shows off another side to him. We knew the dude could play, but this might be the first time he’s really ripped off a full-fledged rock song. Blues elements are there; Clark will always bring those with him, those deep-fried Texas, slow hand blues that he’s made so wonderfully his own, but the blues take a back seat to rock on this track.

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Who really knows if Justice League will be any good, at best, it’ll probably be okay. Will it stick around though, will it have a lasting impact like Wonder Woman did, at least in a positive way? Probably not. It’ll be released, stick around for a couple months, get some hate, get some love to counter the hate, then some hate again, then fade into the background once Oscar season comes.

Gary Clark’s Jr.’s “Come Together” isn’t going anywhere, though.

At least we’re guaranteed that there will be at a minimum, one good thing to come from Justice League.



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