From the Pod: 20 Questions About ‘The Bachelorette’

On last week’s episode of Differing Opinions on Drake, we played 20 questions about this season of The Bachelorette so far. There was questions about racism, how day drinking effects your ability to perform at a spelling bee, the name of the show Peter and Rachel are on and more. We also kicked around some theories about how the hell the Tickle Monster is still on the show.

We thought it’d be fun to post the questions and see what other people thought the answers might be. Please tweet your answers to @DifferonDrake.

Here you go.

  1. Is Lee a racist or just an asshole?
  2. How did he make it on the show?
  3. Was Dean’s backstory the saddest ever?
  4. What is his destiny for the show?
  5. Is there any question that Peter is the front-runner?
  6. The Tickle Monster: Why is he still there?
  7. How much longer will Josiah last?
  8. Can you imagine facade being spelled worse than how Eric spelt it?
  9. How would you do in a spelling bee?
  10. How would you do in a spelling bee after being on a boat all morning, drinking in the sun?
  11. What’s Iggy’s deal?
  12. What should be the name of the show Peter and Rachel are on, because it’s a different than the other show we’re watching?
  13. What’s worse: the balcony call by the contestants or the drive by past the leftovers?
  14. Is there one thing you can tell me about Adam?
  15. How do you feel about a grown man saying “he gets tickled” by something?
  16. How great is Kenny?
  17. Of all of these dudes, who would you most want to hang out with?
  18. Have you ever heard of Russell Dickerson before?
  19. On the list of flying objects, where does “blimp” rank on the things you’d want to go on?
  20.  What’s the first thing you think of when you hear blimp?



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