From the Podcast: 16 Superlatives for 2016

The winners of Differing Opinions on Drake’s 16 Superlatives for 2016 challenge

On the latest episode of Differing Opinions on Drake, we ran through 16 superlatives for 2016. Elyse and I each picked a nominee and then made the case for each. You can hear the episode HERE.

Here are the results:

Rookie of the Year:
Simone Biles
Anderson .Paak (runner-up)

Most Valuable Player:
Seth Meyers
Beyonce (runner-up)

Least Valuable Player:
Basic Human Decency, The Media (tie)

Cutest Couple:
The Obamas
Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively (runner-up)

Friends Forever:
Barack Obama & Joe Biden (consensus pick)

Class Clown:
Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones (tie)

Best Moment of the Year:
When Kim Kardashian West destroyed Taylor Swift on Snapchat
When the Cubs won the World Series (runner-up)

WTF Moment of the Year:
Election Night (consensus pick)



Favorite Person of the Year:

Hillary Clinton
David Schwimmer saying “juice” on The People vs OJ Simpson (runner-up)

Least Favorite Person of the Year:
Donald Trump & his Cabinet picks
Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway (runner-ups)

Movie of the Year:
OJ: Made in America, Lemonade (draw)

TV Show of the Year (hour-long)
Stranger Things
The Night Of

TV Show of the Year (half-hour long)
Atlanta (consensus pick)

Album of the Year
The Life of Pablo by Kanye West (consensus pick)

Song of the Year
“We the People” A Tribe Called Quest
“Ultra Light Beam” Kanye West (runner-up)

Frank Suggestion: App of the Year
Nuzzle (runner-up)

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