From the Podcast: 16 Superlatives for 2016

On the latest episode of Differing Opinions on Drake, we ran through 16 superlatives for 2016. Elyse and I each picked a nominee and then made the case for each. You can hear the episode HERE.

Here are the results:

Rookie of the Year:
Simone Biles
Anderson .Paak (runner-up)

Most Valuable Player:
Seth Meyers
Beyonce (runner-up)

Least Valuable Player:
Basic Human Decency, The Media (tie)

Cutest Couple:
The Obamas
Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively (runner-up)

Friends Forever:
Barack Obama & Joe Biden (consensus pick)

Class Clown:
Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones (tie)

Best Moment of the Year:
When Kim Kardashian West destroyed Taylor Swift on Snapchat
When the Cubs won the World Series (runner-up)

WTF Moment of the Year:
Election Night (consensus pick)



Favorite Person of the Year:

Hillary Clinton
David Schwimmer saying “juice” on The People vs OJ Simpson (runner-up)

Least Favorite Person of the Year:
Donald Trump & his Cabinet picks
Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway (runner-ups)

Movie of the Year:
OJ: Made in America, Lemonade (draw)

TV Show of the Year (hour-long)
Stranger Things
The Night Of

TV Show of the Year (half-hour long)
Atlanta (consensus pick)

Album of the Year
The Life of Pablo by Kanye West (consensus pick)

Song of the Year
“We the People” A Tribe Called Quest
“Ultra Light Beam” Kanye West (runner-up)

Frank Suggestion: App of the Year
Nuzzle (runner-up)

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