The Third ‘Westworld’ Q&A

Questions about Westworld follow episodes of Westworld like cameras follow employees of Westworld – very, very closely. The show’s latest episode, “Contrapasso,” is no exception because again, the episode wrapped up and I was immediately swamped with questions. Unfortunately, this was not the case with answers. Rough business.

Okay, let’s get through this together.

Are you enjoying Westworld?


Are you sure?

Pretty much.

But you’re wavering.

Only a little.


I think the one problem I’m having with the show is with the robots and what the robots are doing is confusing. Are they just acting out narratives or acting out Arnold’s secret code? It’s kind of a plot issue. What is part of the plot and what is not? Does that make sense? I don’t know. It hurts my brain a little bit.

Okay, let’s move on.

Yes, lets.

Is William the Man in Black?

So this is a theory that has been around since the second episode; that the show is operating on multiple timelines. Ed Harris exists in a current timeline, while William is in the past and what we are seeing is how William becomes the Man in Black and as it was hinted at last night, the Man in Black comes along to essentially save the park. Some corners of the Internet feel that the conversation between Ford and MiB all but sealed the deal with this theory. I can totally see that, but I have two problems with it.

What’s the first one?

Well if this is the case and Dolores’ coming out/girl power moment, that was easily a highlight of the episode, happened thirty years ago then it’s kind of bummer because when the Man in Black comes across Dolores, she’s back to rocking the farmer girl act. So if this is all in the past then at some point between William and Man in Black, Dolores gets snapped back into servitude. And that’s a let down. Why should we be invested in Dolores and her awakening (which we have been up to this point) if it’s all for not? Sacrificing her development for the betterment of advancing the William becomes the Man in Black storyline seems cruel.

And the second one?

The “how a person becomes that person” plot device is played out. I don’t want that in this show. I want to know more about the park, more about Ford, more about Arnold and then watch this robot rebellion take place. If I want to sit back and watch flashbacks show me how someone came to be the way they are, I’ll re-watch the last season of Boardwalk Empire, who did this with Nucky and it ended up being one of the best things the show did.

Moving on, what is another thing that is bugging you?

It’s not like it’s bugging me, but the fact that the hosts are naked when they are being interviewed by either Bernard or Ford or anyone else for that matter does seem a little much to me.

Who would an early suspect be in this whole mole thing?

Uh, the Risk Management Lady?

Does the fact that someone is apparently trying to sabotage the park make the show more or less interesting?

More. Corporate espionage is always a plus.

Ford: good guy or bad guy?

I’m still on the side of bad guy. He’s coming off way to threatening to be a good guy.

Man in Black: good guy or bad guy?

Somewhere in the middle.

Do you have to pay extra to go to the robot orgy?


Was there robot orgies in the real old west?

Specifically? Doubtful.

Do you have to pay extra to get the shit kicked out of you by a robot?

Yeah, probably.

What was up with the scientist and the bird?

Didn’t he say something about coding?


Cause maybe he’s experimenting with…something?

Good answer. What’s up with Maeve?

She’s gone full Neo from The Matrix.

One prediction for next week?

This show either gets better or worst. It’s almost shit or get off the pot time for Westworld. They’ve been laying out a lot of real estate in terms of the game board. They’re going to need to turn the corner soon.








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