The Winner of 2016 Leaderboard: 60 Days In

Presentation1As of March 1st we are sixty days into this wonderful year, 2016. Is it a wonderful year? Are any years truly wonderful? Who the hell knows? 2016 is happening, we are sixty effin’ days in, giddy the eff up!

Sixty days in, can we make the call on who is winning the year so far?

Well, if we were to ask a certain part of the American public who exactly was winning the year so far, the answer would be Donald Trump Drumpf. I would disagree, if only because he’s cheating and you can’t cheat you way into winning something like a year. A Presidential election maybe, but not a calendar year. So those people can go one way, I’ll go the other.

So who is winning 2016 sixty days in? I don’t know. That seems kind of crazy. It’s like saying a baseball team is winning their division in early June and that makes no sense. So we’ll scrap that idea and instead, let’s take a look at the Leaderboard and see who is making moves and making some noise.

Kendrick Lamar

He won the Grammys. Like all of it- the show, the awards, the buzz, the social media, the days that followed. I feel bad for the next rapper waiting in the wings to make some sort of political statement.

Von Miller

He won the Super Bowl. No really, it was just him. Not the Broncos, not Peyton Manning. Just Miller. He single-handily beat the Carolina Panthers.

Steph Curry


Sorry LeBron James, America has a new favorite basketball player now. We won’t forget the time we had together, it’s just time for us to move on.

The Legacy of Johnnie Cochran

Courtney B. Vance’s performance in The People vs. O.J. Simpson is the best one on the show and is also doing wonders for Cochran’s legacy, especially for those people who only remember the whole thing with the glove. Funny thing happened on the way to the glove story, the dude did quite a bit more.

David Schwimmer

Juice! Uncle Juice! The Juice. There isn’t a way that Schwimmer can say “juice” that doesn’t get me fired up and excited.

It’s the Ross-surgence everyone!


We’re only a month away from everyone getting over their overdose of “Hello.”


Your local law enforcement might not be a fan, but that’s their problem. “Formation” is one of the best, most important pop songs to come out in years.

The Memory of David Bowie

Bowie’s surprise-passing was for most, the unfortunate reminder we needed that dude was a genius and one of the best song-writers ever to pick up a guitar.

The Broad City Gals

Ilana and Abbi are back, grabbing the baton from Key & Peele in the Best Sketch Comedy Show on Television race.


Mellie Grant + Olivia Pope = Melivia. And your Thursday nights won’t be the same again.

John Oliver

A late entry, but with a single video…

….he stole the Monday after the Oscars from the Oscars and may have finally made the case against Trump Drumpf.


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