Smells Funky, Sounds Funky: the Best of New Funk

track 4Funk music and reggae music- two genres of music that I feel are liked by nearly 97% of the music-listening public. Even if you don’t consider yourself of fan of both, deep down you are. They are both genres that hit you without you knowing it, without realizing it- whether it’s the easy groove of reggae or the steady back beat of funk, the music does some tricky inception-style shit to you. You are a fan, you don’t even know you are a fan. Sneaky.

Now I am an admitted fan of both, but for right now, let’s talk funk.

There’s classic funk, there’s new funk. George Clinton, P Funk, Sly and the Family Stone- that shit is classic funk and is timeless. New funk comes from bands like Lettuce, Galactic, Soulive, the New Mastersounds and more and lately, new funk has been something I’ve been digging quite a bit. The secret of new funk is that the basics of funk are there and the old school trappings of funk are a jumping off point. But those bed rocks are now infused by expanded sounds and accents. Whereas classic funk leaned on horn sections and gang vocals, new funk gets you with synths and drum machines.

One is by no means better than the other and you can’t get to Lettuce without checking out Parliament first. This is a matter of preference and right now, my preference is the new shit.

So for your listening pleasure, as weird, unseasonably warm temperatures confuse the hell out of us on the east coast and you check and double check your Christmas shopping list, here is a playlist of some of my favorite new funk tracks. Enjoy.

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