Best of the Mallet Brothers Band

mallettbrothersbandweb2014newFour albums in, time to make a Best of the Mallet Brothers Band playlist. All of their albums are worth a listen, but sometimes you just want what you want the hits baby! The hits!

But no really, their new album Lights Along the River is really good. So was Land. Actually all four have been good. So why a playlist of only select songs? Because…BECAUSE!

Here it is, just in time for summer.

Giddy Up America‚Äôs Best of the Mallet Brothers Band Playlist…

Farmer’s Tan
Les Pauls
Dynamite Dot
Low Down
Piece of Land
Late Night in Austin
Good with the Better
Lights Along the River
Watch You Walk Away
Broke ‘n Driftin
Blue Ridge Parkway
There Are No Rules In This Game
Little Bit of Mud
Take it Slow
Don’t Need You
Walk Down the River

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