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How Will ‘The Americans’ End?

Looking at 'Breaking Bad' may be the best way to think about how 'The Americans' will wrap things up in it's last season

It’s Nice to Have Friends

It's not the story, the setting or anything else that makes Mad Men so great. It's the characters.

Better Call a Spin-Off

With Better Call Saul working so well, what kind of spin-offs could come from other Pantheon TV shows?

Emmy Predictions by Committee

Previewing the 2014 Emmy Awards and letting the Head, the Heart and the Gut make some picks

Into the Great Wide Open

Looking ahead at the upcoming season of Mad Men by looking back at last season and making some predictions for this season.

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Recapping my ten favorite things that happened in 2013

The Story of 2013

The story of 2013 based solely on memory.

The Best Television Shows Since 1990ish

A list of the 10 best television shows since 1990(ish)

Behind the (Best Television Shows Since 1990ish) List

The story behind my list of the best television shows since 1990 and the shows that didn't make the cut.